The Official Team SInanju Professional Martial Arts Team & Tribe of Sinanju


Sinanju Team Sessions


First set of the season. 

Ground work, sparring footwork, scissor take downs and blitz drills.

Team Sinanju

Ground work, hip tosses, tactical defense work.

Music by:

Dry Lung Whiskey Binge

Primal Flow, Head lock defense, Reaps, Sparring footwork.

Sinanju Capoeira

Take downs, Tactical movement and Flow.

Traditional Sinanju Set

Fundamental striking, Foot trapping, Self-defense and Take downs.

Tactical holds, standing defense, striking and pad work.

Review of the months material.

Over view of all basics.



Strides, Pad work and throws.

Striking, standing holds and tactical.

Push Pull, ground basics and throws.

Quick Review:

Collision to take down, Struggle to throw, reaps and headlocks.

Previous Seasons Training

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